Exchanges and Tracking Tools

On what exchanges and tracking tools is VXV currently available?



Probit Exchange:


Tracking Tools




The Crypto App:

Delta App:

What is the current exchange listing strategy?

Our exchange strategy involves being listed on a tier-1 exchange, e.g. Kraken, available in the USA and another one to serve the Asian markets, after the press release (PR) from one of our large customers.

Why did the token get delisted from IDEX in January 2020?

We requested IDEX to delist our token. This related to what our customers (hedge funds, asset management companies, traders and investors) were concerned with which connects to U.S. customers accessing through the Tor browser along with bot arbitrage against their position with VXV.

We have extracted some data points from this strategic maneuver and have since relisted on IDEX (July 2020).