What is Vectorspace AI?

Vectorspace AI is a data-focused crypto startup, the easiest way to understand what we do would be to jump right into it by observing a real-life event that resulted in an opportunity to profit based on our Natural Language Processing and Understanding (NLP/NLU) real-time datasets and connected to what is called ‘information arbitrage’.

Our platform, which includes datasets and products that can be built on top of them, enable known and hidden relationship detection in data. Our datasets can be used to cluster entities that have known and hidden relationships to outside events, global trends or news. These clusters can represent networks of suppliers, companies working on similar drugs or any entity that might have symbiotic, parasitic or sympathetic latent entanglement with another entity, event or global trend.

Who is the team?

  • Kasian Franks (Founder and CEO/CVO)

Serial scientific & technical founder, CEO and CVO of public and private startups, hedge fund algorithm advisor, life sciences researcher, NLP, machine learning, data engineer. https://www.linkedin.com/in/kasianfranks

  • Mike Muldoon (CTO)

A track record of leading large projects from concept to delivery, and brings over 20 years of experience to the table. #1 employee at SeeqPod, he took the product from whiteboard to 50M monthly active users. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikemuldoon/

  • Raf Podowski, PhD (Chief Data Scientist)

Scientist, engineer, text and data miner, artist. PhD, Bioinformatics with a focus on infectious disease including COVID-19 – Karolinska institute. https://www.linkedin.com/in/rpodowski

We are a team with a deep background in science, technology and the financial markets, and are veteran software engineers, scientific and technical founders who work in the area of specialized algorithms in ML/AI for Life Sciences and the financial markets.

  • Core team size: 26

  • Scientific core team: 1

  • Eng.: 7

  • Design: 2

  • QA, Testing & Curation: 1

  • Sales & Marketing: 1

  • Corporate Dev: 2

  • Administration: 2

  • Operations: 5

  • PR: 2

  • IR: 1

  • Finance: 2

The team size is rapidly growing to keep up with the increasing number of new client’s requests. You can view the current open positions at https://vectorspace.ai/careers.html.

Where is Vectorspace AI located?

Vectorspace AI is located in San Francisco, CA and Valletta, Malta.

When was Vectorspace AI founded?

January 2017.

What is the token symbol?

The symbol is VXV and the token address is: 0x7D29A64504629172a429e64183D6673b9dAcbFCe


When was VXV token created?

08/04/2018 08:42:33 PM +UTC

Is there an updated roadmap?

We provide an updated roadmap once a week on Thursday after the traditional markets close in the form of a corporate executive conference call. The calls are available at https://vectorspace.ai/conf-calls.html

Is there a text version of the conference calls?

Yes, conference call transcripts are made by a valuable community member and posted in a Telegram channel: https://t.me/VXVConfCallNotes

Is the team planning on building a new website and possibly touching up the branding?

Google made it to the number one brand in the world with a simple interface. We are in the business of data engineering and our branding is geared towards attracting revenue generating customers in data fields in the industry. This may happen at a later time but is not a priority at the moment.