Investment Club

What is the investment club?

The investment club is a group whose goal is to enable retailers to trade the markets (traditional and crypto) using the full suite of Vectorspace AI offerings. It will operate on the long and short side at the same time. This means positioning across thematic baskets that are long, short and long/short. It’s the best way to transition into a downturn, when one arrives.

As an investment club as defined by the US SEC, trades are decided upon by the club or group. In some cases, algos can decide on the trades if the group agrees. Please keep in mind that all details about the investment club aren’t released yet, but will be in the near future. Further read:

What are the requirements to participate in the investment club?

All members must hold at least 100 VXV and invest a minimum of $500.

Will there be a limit of members in the investment club?

No, there will be no limit of members in the investment club.

When will the investment club start?

When we finish raising a minimum of $1,5M, the investment club will start. This capital will enable us to operate on all thematic baskets the model produces, this lowers the risks. We’ll have updates on capital raises along the way.

How to participate in the investment club?

In order to participate in the investment club, one must send a Telegram message (DM) to @CryptoJay90 containing your contact e-mail. The registration process will then take place by e-mail, where you will need to forward the following information:

  • First and last name;

  • Phone number;

  • Telegram handle;

  • Country of residence;

  • Investment amount.